ActivFlo Water Conditioners

About ActivFlo


- No salt required 

- No maintenance 

- 15  year warranty

- No power required


- Reduce & prevent scale buildup

- Increase efficiency of your system 

- Improve look and feel of hair and clothing

- Reduce spots on glassware, counters, and fixtures

ActivFlo Customer Testimonial

1st thing I noticed was my glasses are cleaner in the dishwasher. 2nd was our skin and hair feels much better - son #1 is 90% clear, son #2's skin is playing hardball but he's at 45% improvement. 3) Our clothes definitely came out softer and didn't take as long to dry. 4) The faucets and shower heads I've made it to with vinegar have remained free of buildup. We're very happy - thank you.

ActivFlo customer

What is ActivFlo?

ActivFlo is a catalytic water conditioner designed to help reduce limescale formation in hard water caused by calcium ions.